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How it All Started

Updated: Jan 24, 2022

Misson Statement: "Our goal is to build an inclusive community by providing a safe space for people with developmental and intellectual disabilities to foster job and life skills, build connections, and inspire personal growth."

How did Aspire Together come to be?

It all started in 2019, when one of our founders, Rachel Mohr noticed a Facebook post about a senior living residential home that was remolded to look like an inclusive, community. The rooms were transformed to look like they were outside, with all the works you could imagine: siding on all of the walls to make it look like the outside of a home, windows, front porches, roofs and planter boxes filled with beautiful, real flowers. They also created a garden and outdoor living space for the residents. The remodel made the facility more inclusive, open, and happy place for the residents. At the time, both Rachel and Shelley were working for a local provider agency. This sparked in idea and a partnership as we started to think of ways, we could make programs more inclusive and what was missing in our community currently. From there, our ideas really took off! We generated a list of things based on our years of experience and what we believe to be missing from our community. We also asked our clients and other providers from agencies in the area. Here is what we learned, the need for more accessible and inclusive community gardens, coffee shops, hairstyling and beauty programs, central community centers, dance and swimming classes, and event spaces for provider agencies. We hope to one day be able to develop programs like these so that all members in our community are given opportunities to grow and succeed.

There is a lot in store for us in the future and we hope you can join us in making a difference and aspiring others in your life.

Stay tuned for announcements about our first project- a Community Garden at Clackamas United Church of Christ.

Below, is our newest flyer. Please feel free to share among your family, friends, providers, and community.

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