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Almost Ready!

Today some really awesome people brought us a donation of dirt. After reaching out to various places to find dirt donations and not hearing back, Rachel had the idea at our board meeting on Wednesday that we could check out Facebook Marketplace to find

dirt donations. Rachel checked it out and sent me a link to a person in Portland that had good quality organic soil for free. Jess's girlfriend had been working in her garden and doing landscaping (along side their chickens) and had this pile of dirt sitting in their driveway for months. Jess had been advertising the free soil and people were coming to pick it up but only a little at a time. Jess wanted to get rid of this soil! When I reached out to her I originally didn't think about what my abilities were for picking up soil. When I explained to Jess about how I was unable to pick the soil up from their house she offered to bring it to me! I'm just amazed at how many amazing people we have in our community.

Jess rented a U-Haul trailer, filled it herself, and with some help from her friend Mick brought it to my house. Some friends of mine, David and Pamala also came by to help unload the dirt into my driveway. Between the 5 of us we were able to unload the dirt in about 20 mins. It reminds of the Beatles song, "We get by with a little help from our friends." We can't thank Jess and Mick enough for their donation and effort to bring it to us. Thank you!! - Shelley

Last month we also received a donation from the Habitat for Humanity Restore of beautiful garden boxes. They had been receiving these boxes from a local Milwaukie business and they are selling them as raised garden boxes in their store. When I reached out to PDXRestore looking for donations of wood to help us build our garden beds Allen, the logistics manager told me they had something even better! That's when he said me the picture of the boxes and I agreed! The boxes were perfect. Just what we needed. Allen and I set up a date for delivery and the boxes are now waiting patiently in my driveway, next to the sweet pile of soil we received today. We are getting closer and closer to opening and we can't wait! Thank you PDXRestore! - Shelley

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